Some discussion on Burqa/Hijab

An Iraqi woman taking off the black robe that was imposed on her after her and her family were captivated from areas under the control of Daesh. This is one of the most beautiful pictures of this year…


There is an opinion that the wearing of the Burqa/Hijab is predicated on the fear that the mere sight of a woman will overwhelm men with lust and sinful desires and that puts THEIR salvation in jeopardy. So in order to keep men righteous and pious, women should become invisible outside their homes. It’s bizarre logic because it is clearly an exclusively men’s problem and the solution must lie with men alone. They could enlighten themselves and view women as fellow human beings to treated with respect, courtesy and consideration. Not mere sex objects. Or they could keep their gaze lowered. Or they could wear blindfolds or confine themselves within the four walls of their homes. Failing that they could gouge their eyes out. Whatever. Why should women have to accept constraints? Women who wear the Burqa/Hijab send the message that they acknowledge and accept that they are mere sex objects and their very visibility leads men astray. It is demeaning for both, women as well as men. The Burqa/Hijab is also a severe health hazard. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, which maintains bone density and prevents osteoporosis.
In the same time there are women who wear hijab of their own volition. They may wear it to show that I am proud to be a Muslim and as reminder  to keep themselves modest in all things that they do but not so that men can control themselves when they see a woman. One may wear hijab for the reason to be judged on one’s character and not one’s looks. They say: “I wear it as a badge of honor, not a badge of shame to try and make me become “invisible”. I will not become invisible when wearing the hijab….you will just notice me more because of what I say, rather than how I look”. And they can sit out in fenced backyard with my family and catch some rays.

Anyway, it’s OK till the Burqa/Hijab is a matter of choice. In my opinion, one should have a right to wear or not to wear it. Peace!


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