Turkish intelligence was involved in abduction and execution of Syrian Metropolitans

It is not a secret that Turkish President Racep Erdogan dreams of the new Ottoman Empire and wants to build it on the ideas of radical Islam.

Erdogan follows the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, namely the superiority of Muslims over all others. The idea of Islamism has become one of the reasons why Turkey supports radical Islamist groups in Syria. Therefore, Erdogan also aims to eliminate the leaders of the Christian minority who live in the Syrian-Turkish border areas in order to expand his influence there.

Syria’s Grand mufti: Abducted bishops are in Turkey

Bishop Boulos Yazigi of the Greek Orthodox Church, left, and John Ibrahim of the Assyrian Orthodox Church, right, who were kidnapped by Syria militants.

In April 2013 two Orthodox priests Paul Yazidzhi and John Ibrahim were kidnapped in the suburb of Aleppo in northern Syria. They were seized in Aleppo and were taken to the village of el-Meshad. As it turned out, it is Turkish intelligence that masterminded the abduction of Syrian Metropolitans.

According to the Iranian television channel “Al-Alam”, Syrian Metropolitans were held by terrorists on the territory of the Turkish Republic for some time. But Turkish authorities have done nothing to free the priests. Obviously, the President of Turkey commanded not to interfere!

However, not everything went as planned. In July 2013, Magomed Abdurakhmanov, known as Abu Banat from the terrorist group “Katibat Al-Muhajireen” fighting in Syria against Bashar al-Assad, was arrested in Turkey for illegal possession of weapons. It became clear that the fighter came to Turkey for treatment of wounds. During the investigation, Abu Banat claimed to be working closely with the Turkish intelligence, in particular, on a special task to capture and eliminate the Syrian Metropolitans in Aleppo.

In addition, Abu Banat reported that he received walky-talkies and radio beacons from a MIT officer named Abu Jahfer. It is understood that the equipment was used by the Turkish intelligence to monitor and coordinate the abduction of Syrian Metropolitans as well.

Abu Banat attracted the attention of the Turkish police after one of the officers identified him in the video of the brutal murder of Francois Murad who was accused by “Katibat Al-Muhajireen” in collaboration with the army of Bashar Assad. This fact has caused a broad resonance among the public and was covered by the media.

Despite the testimony of Abu Banat on cooperation with the Turkish secret services in the kidnapping of the Syrian priests, Turkish officials tried to hush up the case as it relates to the personal interests of the President of Turkey.

In September 2013, a lawyer Erkan Metin’s investigation revealed the truth about what happened. However, the criminal case against Abu Banat on the fact of mass murder has not been opened in Turkey. Although the Abdurakhmanov admitted involvement in the beheading of more than 70 people, mostly non-Wahhabi clergy, he was discharged from mass murder because the issue “related to the internal Syrian crisis”.

In the same time the member of the Turkish Parliament lawyer Erol Dora argues that according to Turkish law Abu Banat ought to be judged. But the law in the Ottoman state is enforced not by a fair trial but due to the interests of Erdogan.

As a result, July 15, 2015 Abu Banat was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison on charges of illegal possession of weapons and involvement in a terrorist group.

Apparently, the reason for such a light sentence against terrorists is precisely that he was acting on instructions from the Turkish intelligence, which in turn executes the orders of the President of Turkey. It is clear that MIT would not allow disclosing the information on cooperation with terrorist groups in Syria.

I think that the Turkish people should think about what else Erdogan could do in the future, given that he cooperates with the terrorists in Syria and orders to kill Christian priests now.

Mary Veil

The article was published in Arabic HERE


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